Ending 2020 on a high note

The course of the race

This year, as many years before this one, I started the last day of the year with running the 10k race Sylvesterloppet in downtown Gothenburg. This year, of course, this race too went virtual but that didn't stop me and my neighbor from running, and we actually went downtown to run the actual course, starting and finishing at Heden. And when I finished, on (at that moment) 3rd place with the finish time 42:43, I came to think about that not more than one year ago, very few in Sweden even knew about the concept of virtual racing. 

This year, the COVID year, accelerated the acceptance of virtual racing in a way that I never could have anticipated. And the coolest thing; Henrik Svensson and I were two of the pioneers in virtual racing in Sweden when we about 14 months ago did Göteborgsvarvet's first ever virtual race. When COVID is more under control, I anticipate that virtual racing will experience a decline in popularity for a while but will stay as a compliment to in-person racing. And the use of IT and technology in the endurance sports industry will definitely continue to increase.

With that knowledge, and high hopes of 2021 being a much better year than 2020 in more ways than one, I really look forward to 2021.  

And yeah, I made an all time high on distance ran during a year, in total 2,323 km

Happy new year!

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